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History: Thomas Malcolm St. Cloud, only child of the late Thomas Stephen St. Cloud and Martha Ann St. Cloud, was raised in an orphanage in Southwest Portland from the age of seven. He was orphaned at such a young age when his parents wrecked their car driving to Seattle. Most of Malcolm's young life was little more than a base ritual within the Catholic faith. From waking till sleeping, Malcolm and the other orphans were expected to be on their best behavior at all times, as befitting a child of the faith. Whippings were a common form of punishment, and sometimes much worse. Malcolm suffered in silence, his only relief his dreams.

Every night from as long as he could remember, Malcolm dreamed of a great, magical realm far different than the one he lived in. In his dreams, he was a handsome prince who fell in love with a beautiful princess from the moon. His dreams were so vivid that they were his only solace from his days. The only real good that came from his life in the orphanage was the fact that he had learned how to fight. One nun, a woman born in Israel who had converted faiths when she immigrated to the United States, took it upon herself to teach all the children how to fight, how to defend themselves with the art of Krav Maga,

Malcolm studied hard as a child, and he was a very apt pupil. Clever and quick-witted, Malcolm excelled in school. He even managed to graduate high school two years early. All throughout his teenaged life, those same dreams that he had as a child continued every night. As he grew, however, his dreams became much darker. He dreamed that his princess, his four friends, her friends, and even his ex lover all banded together to fight against a dark god of such infinite power that none could stand against her. He dreamed that he died trying to save his beloved, who in turn committed suicide in her grief. His dreams, though sad, were of such powerful emotions that he couldn't help but write them down. A teacher discovered Malcolm's stories and suggested that he try and publish them as a book. At first Malcolm laughed off this idea, but the thought continued with him for some time until he at least took his teachers advice and edited his work into the first of many books.

Shortly after his eighteenth birthday, Malcolm's first book 'A Moonlit Serenade' was published. The first tales of the prince from his dreams, meeting the young men who would one day become his most trusted generals, traveling the world together and having adventures. Malcolm ended his first book with his first meeting with the Lunar Princess underneath a willow tree. The book became a best seller almost overnight, and Malcolm found himself with a full six book deal.

His next book depicted the adventures the prince and princess had during their initial courtship. This book also introduced the princesses ladies in waiting, as well as changed the tone to one jealousy from the friends toward the prince and princess. The book ended with one of the princesses handmaidens informing her mother, the Moon Goddess, of her daughters elope down to Earth.

The third book in his series changed focus over to the Moon Princesses mother. It traced her story from the creation of the galaxy to finding and settling in the solar system containing Earth. The book detailed her love of the Earth, but held it in more of an obsessive tone. The book, though explaining the origins of the Lunar people and the birth of the Princess, also was readying the readers for the pending war in the next book.

Malcolm is currently writing his fourth novel, which is highly anticipated by his fans. Unfortunately, he is also six months past his planned deadline. He has found it hard to write this next novel. The theme is much darker than the rest, and things only get darker as the story progresses. Malcolm is firmly aware that his fan base is expecting a triumphant end for the heroes of the story, but Malcolm has lived with his dreams for most of his life. He is well aware that the story ends in tragedy, but he has no idea how anyone will react when the hero dies at the hands of the princesses mother. How they would react to the princesses suicide, using the princes own sword at the end of book six? Can he, in good conscious, try and write them a happy ending?

It was a struggle that keeps him up at night.

In an effort to calm his mind, Malcolm started walking the streets of Portland late at night. Even in a city like Portland there's crime. What if one day, Malcolm decides to stop a crook himself? Its an idea that helps keep his mind sharp. Maybe.... one day he will.....
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