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Title: Sailor Moon
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History: Amaris Charlene Barrett is the only daughter of wealthy socialites, Robert and Danielle Barret and the younger sister of the late Charles Barrett . The Barrett's are one of the oldest and richest families still residing within Portland, and while they're not part of the original founding families, they've managed to climb up the social ladder quite well. Her father is a well established lawyer and her mother was a high end fashion designer which pretty much meant that any parental interaction she got happened through the various nannies and babysitters she had through out her younger years. Still it a surprise when she wound up having more of an attachment to her mother than her father. But then again that might have more to do with the fact that her mother didn't lay so many rules on her.
After all he was the head of the house and his word was law.

It was because of this mentality that she Amaris took up learning how to play the piano. It was her attempt at finding something she could do well and that her father would be proud off because she often felt like anything she did, was never going to be good enough for the man. Despite having a natural talent, her accomplishment in regards to being able to play the piano did little to phase her father and that only caused Amaris to push herself harder. Yet no matter how hard she pushed herself it never seemed to make a difference. Her father was indifferent to her. In fact the only male in her life that she seemed to get any approval from was her older brother Charles. And despite the five year difference between him he was still very much her best friend and almost always there when she needed him to be.

At least until she started to draw the attention of the local boys. Then he had more than enough things to say to her. She couldn't count how many times he'd stepped in to lay his foot down and short circuit whatever plans she might have been concocting. Regardless of her father's actions though, Amaris tried to not let them color her outlook on life. She continued to do the things she loved to do, with or without his permission and tried her hardest to forget just how intent he was on controlling every aspect of her life. While she loved her father dearly, his over protective nature was beginning to wear thin.

Still it wouldn't be until a strange came to town that her world really turned upside down.

─ ☾ ─ ☾ ─ ☾ ─ ☾ ─ ☾ ─ ☾ ─ ☾ ─ ☾ ─ ☾ ─ ☾ ─

The summer before her senior year of high school was due to start a new face turned up in Portland. He hadn't brought much with him as he rather enjoyed playing that whole lost soul- wanderer card. It was easy to draw people into him that way, innocent and sweet people just like Amaris. She'd crossed paths with him during the summer fair and had immediately felt a sort of connection to him. It wasn't that much of a surprise really. Amaris had this nasty habit of falling hard and fast for anyone who she thought was remotely charming and in many aspects was quite naive when it came to real romance. But right from that first meeting she'd been ensnared by his sweet and charming personality, unable to see him for what he really was. A snake with blue eyes.

No matter what anyone said to her about William, Amaris refused to hear it. She refused to listen to common sense, and when her father flat out refused to let her see him anymore something inside of her broke. She'd never really gone against her father's will before. Nothing to this degree and it would be an action that would cost her dearly in the long run. With no intention of heeding her father's orders, Amaris continue to see William regularly, almost flaunting it in his face. However as things always did for Amaris, she found herself falling for him fast and hard and in this case, she still knew nothing about himself. Despite having so little to his name, William still managed to court and woo her without too much hassle. Something she'd found odd but eventually pushed out of her thoughts because what did it matter. The one time she'd managed to ask him about it he'd simply fed her some sorry story about how his father had disowned him over a difference in view points, something he knew Amaris was very familiar with.

With her ignoring most outside influence things between them began to move quite quickly and a few weeks after her high school graduation, William proposed to her. Naturally she said yes, fully in love with the man standing before her and having no idea just how dangerous the line she was walking had become. When she'd shared the news with her parents; her father had nearly lost it cutting the evening short. Because of his refusal to accept what was happening, William suggested that they go and elope away from the prying eyes of those who would do anything to stop them. Originally against the idea, when it became obvious that her father wasn't going to be coming around Amaris agree to elope with him and they set out a plan of how to go about it.

The plan was to meet under the old oak tree just on the outskirts of town around midnight that night, and that Amaris was to bring as much of the 'family jewel's' as she could carry. Breaking into the family safe hadn't been hard and Amaris still angry at her father and his refusal to see her happy went about cleaning out as much of it as she could. Jewels, gold bars and even the few barer bonds that had been passed down over the generations. All she wanted to do now, was hurt him like he'd hurt her. Racing through town to make it to the oak tree on time, what Amaris didn't realize is that William had no feelings for her. This was simply another job for him and that he had no intention of leaving the city with her tonight. Only the money she'd stolen from her parents. When she showed up at the tree, she'd been wistful and excited. Looking forward to starting the next chapter of her life. What she found however was that things had turned horribly wrong and that William wasn't the charming gentleman he pretended to be.

The only person that Amaris had ever been able to truly rely on was her older brother Charlie. He'd done some digging into William at his father's behest and followed Amaris when her plans to run away with him came to light. Charlie confronted both of them at the old oak tree and was gunned down by William during the scuffle while he was trying to escape them with the stolen items that Amaris had provided. In an attempt to stop him herself after watching her brother collapse to the ground having been shot by William, Amaris stood little chance at stopping him and eventually succumbed to the injuries inflicted upon her as well. Without a single word, William left her for dead under the old oak tree. It only took a matter of seconds for the blood loss to pull her under and the world went blissfully black.

─ ☾ ─ ☾ ─ ☾ ─ ☾ ─ ☾ ─ ☾ ─ ☾ ─ ☾ ─ ☾ ─ ☾ ─

When Amaris woke next it wasn't to heaven's pearly white gates but rather the white sterile room of Portland's general hospital. Although there was almost no recollection of what had happened to her, Amaris couldn't quite get the nagging feeling that it had been something bad and she'd done something quite horrible. The news of Charlie's death hit her hard and she found it hard to cope with that grief and guilt that plagued her when she couldn't remember why she should be feeling that way. After all, her memory of that night was foggy at best, something the doctors were considering a blessing in disguise. She had after all managed to survive a nasty attack and being stabbed in the back as many times as she had, it was a miracle that she hadn't been paralyzed. Still no one in her family was quick to fill in the blanks on what had happened that night, and eventually Amaris stopped asking questions about it all together. Recovery was a slow and painfully process and by the time she was deemed fit to leave the hospital a month had passed.

It was during these months confined to the hospital that Amaris stumbled across a peculiar book in the hospital 'common area' library that the patients who could move around liked to frequent. Although she had no idea what it was upon picking it up and starting to read the story, she became so invested in the characters and the stories of the Prince, Princess and their friends she begged and pleaded to her parents to seek out and find her the rest of the collection. She's currently half way through the third novel - which has changed characters and is now focusing on the Princess's mother. Although she's been hit with a strange sense of dejavu in regards to the path the Moon Princess has found herself on, she'd brushed it off as nothing more than her own silliness and having become too invested in this book series.

Having been released from the hospital and unable to stay at home all the time and stuck in her parent's perfect little bubble where no evil or harm could come to her, Amaris enrolled in a local dance studio and found out that despite her lack of coordination in her normal daily life, she actually possessed a talent for ballroom dancing and ballet. Something her friends from school tend to tease her endlessly about. Still her thoughts keep returning to that book series and the anxiously awaited next installment and the strange dreams she'd been having as of late. Despite the rumors going around of a happy ending for the Prince and Princess, Amaris has this gut feeling that the ending the star crossed lovers get, will neither be happy nor sweet.
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